Work Party - December 18th

 Just a few pictures from our "office/work" party.  We had a really good time.  Laughed so hard our faces and ribs hurt! LOL 
Margaret and Carlan doing a little prep work before dinner.
Honey ham, green beans, potato salad, baked beans and rolls.  Getting hungry just thinking about it!

Left to Right:  Jimmie, Vivienne, Sharon, Janet, Carlan and Margaret.  The empty chair is Brenda taking the picture.  Paul is having his dinner in from of the tv with a football game (can you believe it! or could it be we ran him off?  ha!).

Jimmie, Sharon and Janet in a group hug.  Awww!  
I was told that was plain ol' punch in the believe or not to believe?  That is the question. ha!

Vivienne looking dazzling in her pretty red sweater!

Paul before Santafication.

Paul during Santafication.

Santafication complete!   HO HO HO!

Black Walnut cake made by Carlan's mom.  Vivienne brought cheese cake, peanut butter fudge and pumpkin pie.  Everything was DELICIOUS!

Carlan read a "Carlan's Christmas Bedtime Story" to us.   We were all laughing our heads off.  We'll get the story posted as soon as we get a copy. 

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year!  
Come see us when you get a chance!


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